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Windows Repairs in Belfast & surrounding areas

The team at Fix-Rite Glass & PVC utilises a wealth of expertise in PVC and glass to fix your faulty windows.

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Domestic & Commercial

Glass & Window Repairs & Replacements

Our specialists have significant experience delivering glass and window repairs, glass replacements, and more for domestic clients across Lisburn, Belfast, and Bangor.

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    Is your house feeling a little nippy?

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    Do your windows whistle?

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    Can you feel a draft in your home?

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    Would you like to receive expert advice on how we can improve the performance of your windows?

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Maybe your PVC windows aren't performing as they should. They may seem to work by opening & closing with no great difficulty but this causes gaps in your windows and could be the source of your home losing heat. 
Some of the most common issues of heat loss in the home are popped hinges on windows which affects the seal and allows heat to escape meaning you spend more money on heating your home. Save money today and call Fix-Rite PVC & Glass to repair your windows.
Decades of Experience

Affordable Window Repairs

With over three decades of experience, we are available to diagnose and solve a range of complex issues you may be facing with your windows.

Is your window steamed up and ruining the aesthetic of your home? This can be a result of a failed glass unit or broken seals, resulting in misty or steamy windows, which can damage the pristine look of your property. The experts at Fix-Rite Glass & PVC will be on hand to repair your windows as efficiently as possible at competitive prices.

Are cold drafts passing through your windows even though they seem to work normally? Our team will come out to your property, adjust your window with care and ensure it is sealed correctly to solve the problem in no time.

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For any other PVC or glass problems you are having with your windows, get in touch with Fix-Rite Glass & PVC for full diagnostics and reliable repairs.